Wedding photographs delivered on your Wedding Day 

Wedding Photography Northern Ireland with a twist.

Why do some people wait months  for their Wedding Photographs in Northern Ireland

Many Wedding photographers in Northern Ireland take on too may Weddings, with the result they always have a backlog, in some cases up to 30 weddings. So you chances are you are not seeing your photos for least 6 months.

We decided to change our process a little and guess what, it works. When you sit down for your meal one photographer will take capture the speeches and the other will be busy working away in the background editing your photos for delivery at the the evening party. Some DJ's for example, Startrax Disco use a large screen and projector and will display your photos during the evening. So the next day after your Wedding breakfast Mr & Mrs can go home with all there pics on a lovely USB heart in a nice presentation box.

How can you do this so fast

As wedding photographers in Northern Ireland, Malcolm Bannon & Alan McCabe have photographed over 350 Weddings during our 15 years in business together, so this is not our first rodeo as they say, the thing we do differently is take the photos correctly in the first place. How many photographs have you looked at online and the bride has, what we call panda eyes or the lighting is just terrible, ie the back of the scene looks brighter than the subject in the front of the scene, fine I know for a mobile phone wedding photograph, but hey, your paying these guys over a grand in some cases.. We hear a lot of photographers saying "oh I only use natural light" well what if it's dark ar all your wedding photos going to be dull and lifeless, faces full of shadows. Well we don't always use natural light if the light is not good, we light the scene using flash to reduce the amount of time we spend getting the "natural light" to look good.

So our wedding photographs on usb northern ireland package may just work for you, keeping the budget in check.

Wedding Photographs on USB

What if I want an album later?

If and when you decide you want a wedding album well we cal help with that.

You basically have three options.


Option One

Online wedding album:

Its easy using sites like PHOTOBOX

You can make your own amazing album in an evening, over a coffee. Prices are very affordable and well just think of the fun designing your very own wedding album.

Option Two

Custom designed Italian Album:

You can have the ultimate in handmade in Italian wedding albums with our favourite supplier Album Epoca, their work is truly outstanding and every album is supplied in a beautiful silk bag inside a lovely designer box.

Staring at £500

Option Three

Simply Yours Album:

We have found a range of lovely simple Wedding albums that won't break the bank and will keep your wedding images safe for generations to come, they come enclosed in a functional box and represent excellent value for money.

20 page 12 x 8 inch album for £100

Do you keep a backup of my photos?

All Weddings photographed are backed up in a securely on a cloud server for one year, We encourage all our couples to make their own arrangements for backup of wedding photographs, however there is a good chance we may be able to help in a worst case scenario. 

Are there any catches?

In so far as we are concerned there are no catches, glitches or sneaky dealings, everything is up-front and transparent. There are no hidden charges, or penalties (other than contract cancellation) .

We don't charge for travel unless agreed, and any images we give you are full resolution and not watermarked assuming they are in your package. All of our wedding photographer northern ireland images are full resolution and without water marks.

Wedding Photography Northern Ireland

Wedding Photographs on USB Northern Ireland