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Bannon and McCabe is a Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer based in Co Down we have been around now for over11 years and is owned and operated by Malcolm Bannon and Alan McCabe. We have a combined experience of over 35 years.

We are so proud to have worked for some of the leading wedding magazine see the articles below.


I expect you are looking for someone to capture your Wedding that knows what they are doing, comes dressed appropriately and does not take up your whole day with photographs, well our aim is simple - to capture the fun, excitement and romance of your very special day and give you memories to last a lifetime.

Fabulous photos or videos, fantastic value for money and a friendly, professional service. 

We have a vast experience of photographing all types of weddings, large and small - from castles & cathedrals to country churches.

Our style is very much informal and relaxed capturing the candid and the formal moments of the day - the laughs, the tears, the moments that really matter.

We always use two photographers to get the best images from multiple angles and can photograph your day from getting ready through to the first dance to create beautiful, unique wedding photographs that will stand the test of time for generations to enjoy.



You may or may not be glad to hear we don't come to capture your wedding in sneakers and jeans or wear jeans and a waistcoat. We dress in a more traditional way, shirt and tie, but hey there is plenty of photographers out there who turn up as if they were popping out to the shops. The way we look at it everyone at your wedding has spent a small fortune to be there, the least we can do is come looking smart.

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